Finding care or a school for kids is as easy as is Australia’s first online marketplace making it as easy as 123 to search for and enrol kids into care – and best of all, it’s free for you as a consumer. connects parents directly with registered childcare providers to save everyone time and effort.

Frequently asked questions about EnrolMyKid

Why use EnrolMyKid?

As a busy parent, juggling work and kids, you need childcare. So now we’ve made it as easy as 123 and it’s free. Here’s how it works:

  1. Search. Then shortlist the type of care you need, in the areas you need it
  2. Connect. Complete the form for details to be provided to your shortlisted centres or schools
  3. Your shortlisted centres or schools will contact  you to discuss  your needs
How does EnrolMyKid streamline enrolments?

Why do busy people love

It saves time and people can reuse documents to make enrolments easier

  1. You get your own password-protected digital folder when you apply via
  2. You can re-use your documents at another organisation, if the first place you apply for doesn’t have space, if you need to enrol your kids at multiple places, or if you enrol more than 1 child.
  3. You get peace of mind knowing your documents are stored in Australia and conveniently named at upload for easy access.

Conveniently collate documents, faster using the handy templates.

  1. You can upload documents you have available or request documents from third parties, like specialists.
  2. As soon as you approve documents provided by a third party, it’s instantly available to the centre or school who asked you for it.

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